Best Family Cabin Tent Reviews : 2020 – Ozark Trail Large for Camping


Backpacking with family in a pleasant weather is something you were missing for years! Say no more. We are going to introduce best family cabin tent to you today for your outdoor enjoyment. OZARK Trail best Family Cabin Tent is the star of the show. You can shop this from Amazon and carry bedroom with you on vacation. Let’s see how it is and how well it performs.


A Quick List of Large Ozark Trail Best Family Cabin Tent Reviews

Key Features and benefits:

  • Extra-large and home-like structure
  • Removable room dividers
  • Huge space for up to 10 people
  • Separate entrance for privacy
  • Easy to put together


What type of tent is this?


Best Family Cabin Tent


As a starter to talk about this tent, it is mainly a dome and best family cabin tent. It gives you home-like feeling while you have fun at the beach or mountain. A big tent for your big-fat group of adult camper family and friends. It can fit three queen-sized airbed mattresses. You may keep them open or separate rooms as per your preference. The tent-maker ensures your comfort as well as privacy for women.

This tent is very tall in structure so a person with the height of six feet can stand easily. The center height is 78 inches long. It does not have any normal porch or screened porch. Gear loft is not included as well.


Who is it for?



Capacity Wise:

A big joined family or a group of hiking lover friends would be perfect for this tent. The tent is 20”x10” which is enough for 8 to 10 adults easily. You will not be able to complain about space at all.

The floor will be able to keep three queens sized air mattresses. The tent has three doors so that you do not have to disturb others sleep to enter again and again. The tent also provides enough ventilation as it has six windows. This is a lot for a tent and being outdoors for fun.


Climate Wise:

This tent is mainly called a three season tent. You will not be wet in light rain or mild lightning. But cannot ensure safety in a thunderstorm. The tent is water resistant not waterproof. So think about this point if the heavy rainy day is an issue for you or your tent may get beaten up in the storm. Some reviews on largest online store amazon also say their tent was completely fine in the heavy rain. If you are brave enough to give it a chance for the good weather you may go for it. It also does come with a rainfly. In winter be careful not to be under snow.


Weight Wise:

To be honest this tent is a bit heavy as it is 31.4 lbs. It is not designed the way that you can carry this around. But you cannot get a spacious tent with sacrificing the weight of the tent. So use the carrying bag that comes with the tent and carry it in a car to ignore any hassle.


Materials and Designs:

This tent is made of pretty good quality materials. At least the same as it claims. Two room dividers come with the tent which you can use or not your wish. The doors come here is D style doors and the roof has meshed from one end to other. However, you use it this gives you enough ventilation. It comes in good packages.


The Poles:

The product is combined with sturdy steel and fiberglass. The poles are made up with steel and fiberglass that strengthens the tent. As the poles are high quality and durable that it will last long in future.


The Fabric:

The fabric is nothing so special. This is made up of polyester. Does not protect from ultra-light.



This tent offers you ventilation like berth. It comes with six windows with it which makes sure you do not get a tunnel-like feeling. So you can guess how awesome it is. Six windows will give ventilation well so it will not be a problem that there are no floor vents. The mesh on the ceiling with windows will be more than enough for you. This makes it one of the best family cabin tent.


Other Features:

  • Zippered carry bag for keeping the tent and other camp essentials.
  • Little pouches in the roof to keep small essentials like chargers.
  • A hook in the center for hanging a lantern at night.
  • Comes with a rainfly


Best Family Cabin Tent



This is not an instant tent but one person will be able to set up this very quick. One person may need help in the middle sometimes but easiest with two. You can put this on any surfaces. It has a heavy structure so it will be a durable tent beside you for years.


Pros and Cons:


The short summary of pros:

  • No leakage in rain with taped fly seams.
  • Well ventilation
  • Zippered pockets for essentials like charger and shaver machine
  • Easy to setup
  • Large enough as claimed


The short summary of cons:

  • Not waterproof just water resistant
  • Dividers are not great, just hooks in the sides
  • It is not an instant popup tent
  • The sides are like slopes so corners are not spacious.
  • Not lightweight.
  • Not sustainable for harsh weather.


The Price and Rating:

The price of this tent is now $109 (Check below update). It is pretty cheap if you compare it with other spacious tents. The tent is also kind of get what you pay the type of. Amazon reviewers give it 4 stars.


My Rating Breakdown for Ozark Trail Family Cabin Tent Camping


Space/Weight Ratio – 8.1/10


Area each person – 9.1/10


Packed size – 8.0/10


Steadfastness & Defense – 8.3/10


Ease of use – 8.4/10


Comfort & Features - 9.0/10


Price – 9.5//10

Average Rating: 8.62

Average Rating: 8.62



  • Type: Cabin Tent
  • Capacity: 8 to 10 persons, (4,8,12, also available)
  • Weight: 31lbs.
  • Dimensions: 20 ft. X 10 ft. X 78″
  • Peak Height: 78”
  • Doors: 3 D styled doors


Final Thoughts:

Getting a big and spacious tent for such an affordable tent is a complete package. In the end, I would suggest you get this tent as it is a great deal for the price. The tent is one of the best family cabin tent and most popular available in the market. A family tent that gives privacy to kids at such a great price is rare. Obviously, keep in mind about the weather fact here. A summer camping will be joyful with this tent.


The harsh weather may harm the tent but it is pretty obvious that you always get what you pay for. The price is so budget-friendly for all the space it is giving, but only gets this if your place is not that stormy at times.



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