Best Large Family Tents for Camping : [Guideline – 2020] Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review


There are varieties of tent according to size, shape, usability, affordability and so on. Some tents are tiny enough could only manage one or two people. On the contrary, some tents can take on up to 10 to 12 adults comfortably. But large tents elaborate for long space and provide adequate shelter for the full family. Thereby the best large family tents are always appreciable to the campaigner to have a safe, secure and successful campaign even on a mountain.


Best large family tents

A Checklist for Best Large Family Tents : Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review

Who is it for?

No matter where you’re tripping or when. A family tent always ready to provide you with excellent protection in any circumstances including cold, windy or hot. For having a real campaign, you may have bulk stuff to accommodate. It’s no longer a matter of concern these days as the best large family tents next to you. Even you haven’t suffered any harassment to set up it. It’s quick and easiest to set. By the by, let’s discuss one of the best family tent the CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent is large enough and eligible to provide better productivity.


What kind of tent is it?

A marvelous structured tent that is made by eight vertical poles that are connected by roof poles. It looks like a big dome. It is also an instant popup tent.


Best large family tents


The frames are pre-attached to the poles to make it easier to make. The tent is 80 inches with a straight wall. The starter package for your camping experience. Go on hiking or hunting with this.


Who can get the tent for best use?

52.55 lb tent is not a tent you want to carry around. It is for the most prominent family. Moving it will be more comfortable with the car. The given place for a person in the tent is 1.4m2 which is good for a night stay of a group. But there is no other area for storing your baggage so keep that in mind.


Key features and benefits:

  • Capable of taking on up to 12 person
  • Manufactured with CORE H20 Block Technology
  • Included adjustable ground vent
  • Instant two minutes set up convenience
  • Contains electrical cord access port
  • Features double room dividers
  • Includes rain fly, gear loft, tent stakes and carry bag
  • Wall storage pocket to keep materials like a shaver or any other machine neat
  • Reliable and dependable
  • Assures ultimate security
  • Easy to handle


CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent Why is Acclaimed as the Best Large Family Tents Review?


Extensive internal space:

The largest interior area may look too much at first sight. But you will need it because there is no porch and keeping every belonging inside the space is a must. The enormous area will allow extra-large family or comfortable for a group of friends.


Complete layout:

The whole design of the inner area of the tent can give you a better experience than another tunnel like tents. Comfortable and spacious like own bedroom is what you can describe it.


Designed with H20 block technology: H2O block technology gives you maximum weather protection when it rains heavily with lightning. The tent is polyester 68D with 600 mm waterproofness rating. Water repellent fabric and active bead technology is mainly H2O technology. It also has sealed seams and seams are also waterproof.


Usable For the Family Campaign:

A 12 person tent is going to be perfect for a family campaign. You have room for privacy if there are kids in the plan. The very tall structure will give standing place for tall guys.


Easy to set up:

This completely freestanding tent is always easy to set up. If everything is done properly you can do it within 2 minutes. Read the instructions to make it fast.


Usable In All about Circumstance:

Three season tent is for use in all situations. Heavy rain to snow in winter everything will perfect on your hiking or picnic.


Room Dividing Facility:

The tent has big windows and doors. You can keep them zipped for privacy and a rainy day. There is a room divider too but not for gathering a lot of women and toddlers there for low storage. Each room can keep one queen sized bed.


Ventilation System:

The ventilation system is excellent here because both the sides have air intake system. You can adjust them with your need as well.


Best large family tents

Durable and Affordable:

The tent is durable among a lot of tents. Best quality materials are used in this as the poles are made of steel. The fabric is also polyester 68D known as one of the best in the market. For all this durable and spacious tent you get the tent at a very affordable price. 338$ is its current price on Amazon to shop. Which is not so cheap but keep eyes on clearance sales to get on more reasonable price. And the price is a deal for a big family on a budget.


Pockets for storing accessories:

Four hanging pockets and a gear loft is given. You get a lantern as well for lighting. An electricity port makes charging easier. You can keep it closed if not used. But somehow the maker forgot that this is a huge tent to live with a lot of people. Because the storage is quite small for many people in the room.



  • An expansive interior nearly 18 x 10 feet
  • Technological door system which provides easy and convenient access
  • Fits for three queen size air mattresses
  • Rainfly offers full coverage that much rain protective
  • Superior ventilation system keeps the room cold and airy.
  • A single person can handle it without trouble
  • Room divider allows dividing the room in own desire


  • Water resistant but genuinely couldn’t assure waterproof
  • It’s heavy enough to carry
  • It’s a little bit risky as contains double doors
  • The rainfly is larger sufficiently
  • It’s much expensive to buy
  • Not lightweight

Rating Breakdown for the Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent:

There are 140 reviews on Amazon, the most popular online shop and rating is 4.1/5 which is good package. Let’s see how I rate this tent:


  • Space/Weight Ratio – 8.2/10

  • Area each person – 8/10

  • Packed size – 7/10

  • Steadfastness & Defense – 8.4/10

  • Ease of use – 9/10

  • Comfort & Features – 8/10

  • Price – 9//10


Overall Rating is 8.2/10




  • Product dimensions; 216 x 120 x 79.2 inch
  • Weight:  53 pounds
  • Color: Green, gray
  • Doors: 2
  • Capacity; 12 person
  • Center height: 80.”
  • Usable for: backpacking, touring, outdoor


Final Verdict:

When we figure out about the best large family tents, the CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent we review always comes to the discussion. It’s a perfect luxury campaign tent for making the family trip in any circumstance. Almost all about campaigner across the whole world keeping their reliance on it due to its extraordinary contribution to creating a campaign successful. Even no other tent could promise you to deliver many facilities during the camping barring it. It’s a unique and convention tent than any other so far. Thereby I recommend you to make your choice on it to get a secure and pleasant outdoor campaign.


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