Best Tent for Camping with Dogs : 2020 Should Read Before Buy


Many of us can’t even imagine taking dogs with us due to safety and security concern. It’s no surprise that many pet lovers want to go on camping with their beloved dog. But camping with dogs might seem a daunting task for the sheer amount of preparations it takes as the dog needs extra care when camping outdoors. But how can we take our trusted companion with us on a backpacking trip on the mountains or a hiking adventure on road without any extra worries? Well, there are a number of best tent for camping with dogs. These are durable and breathable enough for keeping your pup well while camping outdoors.

Best Tent for Camping with Dogs

How to Make Camping With Dog

To make a camping trip with the dog, you must choose a well-ventilated and dog-friendly tent. Your tent should have a full door; allowing you to keep your dog on one side and store the good another side. In the review, we’re going to discuss some of the best tents which are pet-friendly as well. These are suitable for travel and easy to install too. You can make sure maximum security for your dog using these Best tent for camping with dogs. Having Best tent for camping with dogs can make both you and your animal very happy and provide a high-quality time on the campsites. So let’s continue before you pack your belonging and gears!

Best Tent for Camping With Dogs Reviews : 2019

Coleman Elite Montana Lighted Best Tent for Dogs, with 7-8 Person

Best Tent for Camping With Dogs

Coleman Elite Montana Tent is a sturdy tent. It’s ideal for family camping along with the dog. The cabin-like design with a variety of outdoor technologies makes it most popular to many. For any outdoor kind of trip, it has long been necessary for the seasoned campers to make the sure safe and sound adventure. It’s a reliable tent for your family member as well as dogs. It delivers 100 lumens of illumination through its six built-in GPX LED at night. Four D batteries and rechargeable power system enhance the lighting power at times. This large outdoor tent is fit for three queen size air beds. It can provide accommodation for up to 7-8 people. There is enough space to keep your goods and pet animal.

Since this tent is designed with all the features for keeping pet dogs safe and secure; it’s good for the dogs so that it can settle and feel happy with natural environment instantly. An extended door awning ensures a dry space for the dog. Patented welded floors and inverted seams highly useful for keeping warm into the tent. Above all, this heavy duty tent can be set up within just a few minutes. This waterproof tent can be your best companion during the travel for its superior rain and wetness protection. It will be a good decision if you buy this one as it’s considered as one of the best tent for camping with dogs.

Large Room and Comfort:

Coleman Elite Montana Lighted Best Tent for Dogs, with 7-8 Person

The level of comfort a tent provides largely depends on its size. To have a memorable campaign with a pet dog, you have to choose a large tent. So the Coleman Elite Montana tent is here to deliver a large space. It’s designed with 16 feet by 7 feet of internal space to accommodating up to eight people smoothly. The rooms inside are big enough to stand and move around. You can set up three queen airbeds, as mentioned earlier. it’s designed all the features necessary to keep the comfort for you and your dog in the campsite.

Easy To Set Up:

No matter how big this big cabin size shade is, it easy to set up to all. Most seasoned campers appreciate its ease of set up. It can be set up easily within a very short time. There is no chance of accidents or hazards while setting it up. The tents can be spread on the ground, and the frame and poles can be slipped into the sleeves. It can take more or less 15-20 minutes the first time. with experience, one can do it much quicker. As instructions of the setting are easy to understand, even a newbie can control it smoothly.

Ventilation and Bug Protection:

Its super ventilation system and protective bug facility increase the usability of the tent. This tent has a better ventilation system so that the air can get into the tent easily. Besides, it’s should very protective against outside insects and breeze too. Luckily, there is lots of mesh around of the Coleman Montana tents which let air get in and out.

It’ is capable of striking a balance between inside and outside weather through its excellent ventilation system. As a result, you won’t have to suffer from the heat of warm anymore. The mesh is beautiful and doesn’t allow any insects to get in. the insects from outside can’t come since a light left on the inside is a magnet to bugs. It’s an additional feature of this excellent tent.  Camping will be more fun with this best tent for camping with the dog.

Season and Weather:

Though this tent mainly used in spring and summer season, it can be used in winter season too. But it needs extra bedding for the children in cold weather. Since this has a sturdy frame; it can perform well even under very windy circumstances. Your dog will be free from natural calamities while being kept in this high-quality tent. The external weather can’t easily impact it.

Although it’s made for in warm weather seasons, it has been used during the spring season and fall of the summer as well. If you want to use in the winter season, you need a rain fly. Its window and door can transfer air easily, so it doesn’t require individual management the winter season.


The Coleman Elite Montana is a pretty lightweight tent for its size. Anyone can easily carry it away for a long distance with much less energy being wasted. Its weight is around 25 pound. Which is manageable to take away for a carrier hundred miles at hand or in a car. For an average healthy person, it may not seems much to carry. It’s designed with the lightweight facility so that people can easily utilize it.

Durability and Quality:

There is no doubt about its strength and quality. It has all the quality a user can look for. This tent made with quality material to ensure better comfort to the user. Any user can use this tent for a few years without having trouble. That’s why this tent is known to the campers as the best tent for camping with dogs even every season.


  • Dimensions: 16L x 7W x 6.2H feet
  • Center height: 74.0” H
  • Carry weight: 25 pounds
  • Number of rooms: 1
  • Number of windows: 3
  • Material: Polyester
  • Set up time: 15 minutes
  • Season capability: 3 season
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • Easily fits eight people
  • It’s very comfortable
  • Anyone can set it up easily
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Built-in LED lights, 100 lumens
  • Different light switch settings including high, low, nightlight and off
  • Auto-roll windows
  • Patented hinged doors
  • Cabins-like design
  • Organizer pockets, the electrical port
  • Snag-free and continuous sleeve for easy setup
  • Door awing, protective from rain and wind
  • Carry bag with separate storage bags



  • It’s a little bit narrow
  • Need to be conscious while handling it
  • Costly enough
Price and Rating:

It has mostly five-starred rating reviews on the Amazon. There so few tents that have an efficient and high-quality build with an affordable price as well. Most of the users gave their positive feedback on this tent since it is affordable to all and very well built.

Lumsing Pet Portable & Waterproof Camping Tent for Dog

best tent for camping with dogs

An ideal pet tent for an outdoor adventure which is made of high-quality material. The users just love their design. It designed with zippered doors and breathable mesh windows. The mesh windows allow air to get into the tent to keep the weather cold inside. It is very protective against mosquitoes and small insects as well.

The durable flex fiberglass rod and waterproof polyester cover make it sturdy enough to ensure maximum security your pet snoopy. Its metal stakes and moisture proof cover makes it a very comfortable place for him. Very few tents are as much durable and stable as this one. That’s why it considered the best tents for camping with the dog.

Lumsing Pet Portable & Waterproof Camping Tent for Dog


This is an ideal tent for if you insist on getting sufficient breath. One big door and three breathable mesh windows are there for better circulation of air. The tent stays full of airy all day long. That’s much easy to get a refreshing air inside.

High-Quality Material:

No doubt about its quality. It’s designed with high-quality material which provides much durability. Flex fiberglass rod significantly has the stability to it. Don’t be worried as it covered with polyester. Its waterproof thereby rain couldn’t harm your dog at all. Besides, this special tent designed to be moisture proof and dust-proof.

Well Designed:

Its attractive design has made it’s popular to the pet owners. Many luxurious campers prefer to take this tent for their outdoor camping with the dog. It has varieties of color combination. The indoor decoration is very nice as well. The room looks very classy for the design of its floor. When the sun shines down, this fantastic tent looks like a bright star on earth.

Easy To Assemble:

Most of the user prefers a tent which is easy to assemble. They like to set up the tent as soon as possible. Sometimes children need to set it up while adults are busy with other tasks. This best tent for camping with dogs provides a very swift assemble setup. It’s easy enough to spread down and keep on the ground even for a child. A single person can set it up without much work.

Comfortable and Satisfactory:

It has a large internal space area so that the dog can stand and move away easily and play. Besides, it’s designed considering all the user expectation and requirement so it is much comfortable to use for everyone. Many campers expressed their satisfaction about using this family tent as they can keep their pet dog safe and sound inside it.


  • Designed with zippered doors and breathable mesh windows
  • Designed with a durable flex fiberglass rod and polyester cover intended for moisture proof, dustproof, waterproof and UV protective
  • Perfect for dogs and other pet animals
  • Smart design and easy to set up
  • Waterproof, moisture proof and dust-proof
  • Sturdy and functional
  • Included metal stakes
  • Included carrying bag
  • Comfortable to use


  • Need extra care
  • Little bit Expensive
  • Not usable all season though


  • Its Product dimensions: 45L x 32W x 27H
  • Weight: 1.75 lbs
  • Color: Army green
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Function: Multifunctional

Price and rating:

This is one of the best-rated tents on Amazon. Most of its user was much satisfied with this great outdoor tent. Its affordability to all classes of the user makes it extremely popular. It’s so much popular that most users who have used it never forget to recommend to others.

Petsfit Soft Portable Pet Kennel Best Tent for Camping with a Dog

best tent for camping with dogs

Pets fit Soft Portable tent is a versatile tent has many advantages. It provides a very satisfying service to the pet owners. Regular campers can use it for a few years without having to worry about much repairing. Most campers who have used this tent admit this as a really good tent for outdoor adventures with pets. It has shown its performance and usability whether it’s the downpour of rain or storm. The manufacturing procedure for this tent is superb and make sure it last longer. Its external and internal outlook attracts the user. Mesh ventilation system provides much necessary air circulation. Perfect best tent for camping with a dog.

Large Room Best Tent for Doggie:

No matter where are you going camping with your dogs in naturals, it has ample room facility. The soft fleece mat not only provides comfort style but also to your dog. It’s a tent as which is committed to delivering large space and comfort for the doggie.

Easy Set-Up & Carry Away:

Petsfit Soft Portable Pet Kennel Best Tent for Camping with a Dog

It’s a lightweight tent. Anyone can take it for long distance or in a car. A single person can assemble it within a few minutes.  Even a child can spread down it on the ground without hassle.

Good Ventilation System:

It’s designed with a good ventilation system to make sure fresh breath and air inside the tent. Three mesh sides are much suitable to provide enough air peoples inside. It is designed to not to the insects to get into the tent.  The user all along praises its good ventilation system that is why it’s well known as the best tent for camping with dogs.


  • See Product dimensions: 35” L x 29” W x 30” H
  • Fabric: 600D x 600D Oxford cloth
  • Lining: 230D polyester
  • Mesh: hexagonal
  • Zipper: metal slider and nylon teeth is 1000 times
  • Weight: 12.8 pounds


  • Three mesh sides make it proper ventilation
  • Provide removable and machine washable pad
  • Offers soft fleece mat for pet
  • Side-pockets to carry small goods
  • Waterproof button
  • Perfect size for a large dog up to 80 pounds
  • Easy to assemble without any tools
  • Three mesh sides for proper ventilation
  • Easy to travel with carrying case
  • Machine washable mat for easy cleanup
  • Fordable


  • Need to be conscious while handling it
  • Costly enough
Price and rating:

You will be surprised after taking a glimpse over its user review. Most of the users have reported favorable ratings of this portable tent. It has served them well and it’s not much costly too. So, they are pretty eager to recommend it to other campers as well.


These are the best tent for camping with dogs and come with some really unique features and facilities. They are unique and there is enough space to keep one’s pet dog with goods into those tents. So you can have an enjoyable tour of the best tents for camping with your pet. Those camping tents are usable in every season or weather. No matter whether it is the rainy day or hot summer day, these can manage in any situations and keep your family and your pet safe. If you’re interested in making your camping with a dog, you can choose those tents without doubts.

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