How to Buy a Family Tent The Most Thinks You Should Know – 2020

If you are taking your family to a campsite you need a good family tent that provides shelter and comfort for all of your kids and yourself included. But the real deal is there are so family tents out there it really gets confusing. Nobody wants to ruin their holiday over a disastrous purchase decision. So in order to prevent from falling into pitfalls of buying the wrong family tent, we have put together this guide. all the necessary questions that need to be answered about how to buy a family tent.

how to buy a family tent

Key Tent Features to look for how to buy a family tent

Tent Size

Deciding the tent size is the first and foremost work you got to do if you are buying a family tent. The tent will be the shelter for your family and protect from the dreadful insects and bugs in the night. Chances are there will be usually more than three or even 4 persons staying in a tent. Also, there will be other camping gears with you which are going to occupy spaces as well.

If a customer chooses the wrong size you will find yourself in uncomfortable proximity to other fellow group or family members. To avoid such situating, you should buy a tent with an extra space. For example, let’s say your group or family has 4 members, then you should go for a 6 person tent. Because big is always better when it comes to the tents.

Weather Condition

It’s important to consider the kind of condition and whether hiker will be camping at when you are buying a family tent. when camping with the family the safety of them is the top priority for us. Because weathers can be really deceiving in nature and change very rapidly.

Every other tent is made of different tent materials and made for serving a different kind of weather. You can’t use a lightweight tent for the harsh season because the tent is not made for withstanding extreme pouring.  If you are going to camp on summer season you can go for a lightweight tent. For the more violent seasons and heavy rain, 3 season tent will be far better. These tents are also capable of protecting you during the winter.

Quick checklist of Contents

Tent Fabric

Your tent durability depends on the fabric used in the making. So ignoring this point would be really foolish.  Because these are going to affect your decision as well. The tent fabric depends on each different season. They all come with advantage and some disadvantage as well.

The cotton is the most durable tent material for how to buy a family tent. But despite the fact they are waterproof, cotton tends to absorb more water and get really heavy. Otherwise, they don’t deteriorate easily. On the other hand, the tent fabrics like nylon or polyester are also waterproof and they don’t get as heavy as the cotton. But the real disadvantage here is they tend to deteriorate with continuous use under sunlight.


The family tents generally range from very lightweight to very heavy. Before camper decides to buy a family tent it’s important to consider the distance you will be traveling. Because if you are going to travel is a longer distance, having a heavy tent can be really nerve-wracking for you if you are the only one who got to carry it.

That being said, there is a correlation between the weight and durability. The heavier family tens are usually the most durable ones. But if you are going for hiking or backpacking it’s better to stick with the lightweight family tents. Because when packed with the other essential gears, it’s going to take a lot of energy to carry it. So decide about the type of camping you are planning for and take your health into consideration too.


After considering everything to tent size to the right material for your family tent, there are some additional features to look out for a family tent. These additional features are necessary when deciding between multiple family tents in the same prize. Because when it’s finally time to take the decision, it’s always considered best to select a manufacturer who goes the extra mile for you.

Flooring is an equally important point to be examined as well. If camper or hiker buy a family tent with good floor facility it will save you from the bad weather outside and necessary for good sleep. The ground underneath might get soaked after rain. In order to save your gears and other belonging, I would suggest you use a waterproof groundsheet.


For how to buy a family tent In the end, it all comes down to you and your budget. But it’s usually better to invest in some good family tents. Because even though they cost a little more and force you to adjust your budget, it’s going to shelter you and your family during a campout. Getting stuck in a violent weather under a not so durable shelter isn’t really a pleasant experience.

Also, there are some tent manufacturer’s claim their tents to be waterproof, but the authenticity of their claim itself is questionable. But in reality, most of the cheap tents aren’t really waterproof. Because it’s simply not possible to market at such a cheap price without compromising the quality of the materials. So the importance of buying good quality family tent which may cost a fortune can’t be stressed enough.


Hopefully, this guide helped you grabbing the best family tent available out there. This article has tried to answer how to buy a family tent.  Choosing the right family tent for camping is a tough call. Because as a parent you have to make sure that your kids don’t only get the most out of the outdoor camping but also family is safe from the insects and potentially dangerous animals. Camper to make sure that the tent has enough space and for privacy as well. So if a customer buys a family tent without considering this information he can end up wasting time and money.

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