How to Keep a Tent Cool Easy Way – 2020

Hey fella, what’s your plan for this summer? Uh ah! Sounds like something exciting! Let me guess. Are you going for camping? Wow! It’s definitely a great choice to enjoy a summer. You must go for it. Nothing can beat the camping in a tent especially in the summer days. Die-hard campers never love to spend their time at home. Expressing yourself to nature and feeling the nature inside of you is a heavenly feeling. The only problem is the heat. Whenever you have decided to set your tent in a sweltering state like Missouri or Texas, you will face several real-life problems at a time. The main problem will be how to keep a tent cool.

how to keep a tent cool

Happy camping Summer season

Even in a couple of years back most of the campers used the traditional military tent. You know what I am talking about! Yes, those dark olive green tents were the favorite choice of most of the people. But, it was almost impossible to spend even a single night inside of those tents because of extreme heat. I don’t know how the military persons do so! They really deserve a big salute for this. Well, you don’t need to suffer that heat. Luckily there are lots of cooling equipment are available in the market. Just choose the right one for those cooling gadgets and that’s it! In this article, I am going to inform you the step by step guide to keep your tent cooler even in the hottest days in Texas.


Let’s start –how to keep a tent cool


  1. Tent material:

Choosing the tent material is one of the very first things to do. There are lots of tents are available in the market with various materials. Not all of them are perfect for all situations. Each material has it’s few advantages and disadvantages too. If we consider the summer season, we have to choose such a material that can keep us comparatively cooler. In this case, the nylon or polyester made tents will be a good choice. They have better insulation than other tent materials. They do not allow the heat to freely flow around the tent. It makes the tent quite cooler. Further, these materials are also lightweight and easily foldable. You can carry them inside of your backpack. These materials will add an almost ignorable slightly tiny amount of weight on your back. That sounds like a relaxing hiking, isn’t it! Let’s check another think how to keep a tent cool.


  1. Tent Style:

Most of the newbie will definitely surprise at this point. But it’s true! The tent cooling process also relies on your tent style. Try to make a dome-shaped tent. This style does not allow the air to pass through your tent. That means your tent will not influence hot air. So, it is definitely a good choice. Few people also choose the cabin-style tent. I don’t think it’s a good choice. Because they are very long and winds can easily pass through it.

You may add windows to your tent. Though the larger tents use windows regularly, the smaller tent peoples do not seem to be interested to use that. If you own a small tent, you may make a mesh window. These mesh windows can easily pass the cold air inside of your tent. Further, it blocks the entering of creepy bugs or crawlers in your tent. Most importantly, the mesh windows escape the hot air out. It provides an advanced ventilation facility to you.

While creating a space for your tent, consider the wind direction. Set up your windows where the fresh air can easily circulate inside of your camp.


  1. Add A Footprint Or Tarp:

Adding a tarp over your tent will keep your tent cool for sure. It blocks the direct sunlight to heat on your tent. The tarp consumes the heat and keeps your tent cooler. However, most of the campers forget about the footprint. You know, the ground becomes hotter during the daytime in the summer. The ground becomes to release the heat at night. So, your tent floor becomes to absorb heat from the ground. This heat remains almost overnight. That is really a big problem for the campers.

You can solve this problem by adding an additional footprint. The footprint creates a little distance between the ground and your tent floor. Additionally, the footprints absorb most of the heat from the ground. It helps to keep your tent way cooler than you may think of!


  1. Tent Location:

After gathering the required tent elements and choosing the design, it’s time to heading for your camping. Well, after a tiring summer day, it is high time to make a tent to sleep at night. Try to be wise while choosing the location for your tent. A shady area is the best choice to set up your camp. It blocks the sun heat from directly heating your camp.

The experienced campers recommend building your tent near a tree. The more trees, the better it will be. However, the shady areas have some negatives too. Most of the shady areas are also a habitat for the insects. You need to be more careful about those insects.


  1. Dig a Ditch:

Try to dig a ditch where you can place your camp. It will be better if the ditch is about two feet deeper. Generally, the temperature of soil becomes cooler than the temperature of ground or air. So, if you dig a ditch, your camp will remain cool for a long time. This camping trick is very effective for how to keep a tent cool.


  1. Using a Camping Fan Or Portable Air Conditioner:

A camping fan or a portable air conditioner is definitely a good choice to keep your camp cooler. It is the easiest and quickest method to keep your tent cool. But the problem is you will need an electricity source to run that camping fan or that portable air conditioner. However, you can also buy a battery powered cooling fan. These fans can be charged from your car battery too. These electric camping fans or the portable air conditioners are an effective way to keep your tent cooler only if you are comfortable with them.


Final Thoughts:

Hopefully, you may find these tips helpful for your next camping how to keep a tent cool. I have tried to answer all of your required questions about “how to keep the tent cool”. It is not difficult to remove the heat from your camp, is it?


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