How to Make a Tent Out of a Tarp | 2021

Camping for life? Or life for camping? Whatever it is! After spending few moments in wooded paths, dipping toes in crystal clear creek, and singing in front of the campfire – ahh that’s called a life! If anyone wants to go on camping, that’s what he wants badly. Enjoying the pure natural belongings is the main motto of camping, isn’t it? Well, all of these natural feelings will be possible if you can manage a shelter for you. From the very beginning of camping, the tent is being used as the basic shelter for the campers. You may build your tent in a different style using different types of fabrics. In this article, we will talk about how to make a tent out of a tarp.

how to make a tent out of a tarp

Why Should You Use A Tarp? Let’s see how to make a tent out of a tarp

That’s a billion dollar question! Why should you use a tarp to make your tent? Well, there are plenty of reasons to use a trap for your tent. The best possible reasons could be the price and see the sky directly from your bed before falling asleep. Further, who wants to lose the chance of enjoying the precious moment of the sunrise while in a camping? I don’t think anybody wants to miss that! So, this could be another great reason for using a tarp to make your tent.

Before deciding

How to make a tent out of a tarp To use a tarp almost everyone thinks about the weather first. But, the real fact is there is no problem to use a tarp either in rainy season or in winter. However, if you are still confused about rain, you may use an extra sheet. But, it is not recommended at all. Further, using a tarp in the rainy reason is also very handy. It also requires only a few minutes to make a perfect shelter using a tarp. This is gonna be completely effective if you are in a middle of the rain. Few campers also use the tarp for a quick setup shelter for their resting or cooking space.

It may happen that the ground is quite muddy or wet. It is a very common scenario in the rainy season. In this case, you can use the tarp on the ground as an extra groundsheet. It keeps the bottom of your tent dry and fresh. Eating or cooking becomes a great problem during rain. A tarp will be extremely helpful in this situation. You, know, you cannot cook your food into your tent. You must cook outside of your tent. A tarp will let you cook even when the full nature is taking shower with rain!

In the family camping, you have to dedicate a floor for the kids. So, you can use a tarp for your kids. Kids can play on one side and you may cook on the other side. What are you thinking now? Doesn’t tarp is a wise choice for the campers? let’s see how to make a tent out of a tarp!


Required Materials:

You will need some basic materials to set up and know how to make a tent out of a tarp. The main materials are nylon or silicon coated nylon, hydrostatic head, rope etc. These are almost enough for a tarp. But you will need some other materials to make your tent perfectly. You will need some lightweight aluminum rings to attach the tent stakes or lines. It will be better if you get 1.3 gram each. These rings will be attached to the main material.

While making a tent, you have to ensure that your tent is completely waterproof. You may use nylon threads along with the outer seams. Use a nylon thread with the cotton coating in the middle portion. It will make your tent waterproof. It will be better if you attach a silicon layer on the outside of the middle seams. Further, you may use some talcum powder in every top corner of your tarp. It will avoid your tarp having a sticky surface.

Let me inform you the complete material list at a glance how to make a tent out of a tarp–

  • Silicon coated Nylon Ripstop (about 10 feet)
  • Silnet
  • Velcro
  • Tent fastener (about 10 pieces)
  • Aluminum rings (about 10 – 15 pieces)
  • 4m of 20mm webbing
  • Tent rope (about 30 meters)
  • Strong fabric for anchor points (about 0.5 meters)
  • Talc powder (1 packet)
  • Reflective piping (about 0.5 meters)
  • Grommet tool (1/2 inches)
  • SilFix glue (1 tube)

These materials are more than enough to make a tent out of a trap. I have provided the measurement for a medium-sized tent. You should collect those materials as much as you need.


Actually how to Make A Tent Out Of A Trap:

There are few important things to consider before building a shelter with a trap such as the location of trees or other supports, wind direction, tent shape etc. Now let me inform you about the basic procedure of making a tent out of a trap –

  1. At first, try to make two poles. Then run a line between the two poles. Keep the excess part of the poles plugged into the ground to hold the poles in a place. This line is known as the ridgeline.
  2. Then you have to run few other lines from each pole. However, don’t forget to peg them into the ground. Use the aluminum rings for pegging them properly.
  3. Make the poles freely supportive of the rings and also the lines that are connecting these two poles.
  4. Now, set the trap all on the line.

`5.    After that run the lines from every corner of the tarp. Keep every edge of the tarp connected with the ground by using aluminum rings.

`6.    After completing the required lines, your tent is almost ready to use. You may use some extra modification if you want.


Few Extra Tips:

  • Try to use Velcro if your tarp contains even a single tiny hole. It will be extremely useful during rain.
  • If you want extra height, try to wrap your rope a few feet higher around the supportive tree.


Final Verdict:

Hope that this guide will help you to make a camping tent out of a tarp. One last thing to remember, camping is not wasting time. It is just an investment of time.  Hopefully, I think knew good information how to make a tent out of a tarp. Encourage yourself and your friends and family members to go for camping or hiking on every vacation.

Enjoy the nature!

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