How to Make Tent Camping Comfortable: Step by Step Guideline | 2021

Camping is another name of fun and enjoyment. With family or friends, we get to see the magnificent view of nature. It is rare for us in this urbanized world. Getting the smell of soil, having a taste of campfire food and seeing nothing but green is a pleasure. But still, some of us may not feel comfortable with camping. Comfort becomes a big issue here. Especially when you have kids, you do not want to compromise with their happiness. So here we are about to tell you some tricks on how to make tent camping comfortable.


How to Make Tent Camping Comfortable

Quick Check List for How to Make Tent Camping Comfortable for Your Next Trip


Make The Tent Cozy to Sleep:



One of the most significant problems on tent camping is sleeping on the hard earth. You will have a sore back after you get up in the morning. To deal with this get foam floor tiles. It will keep your tent free from mud and soften the area. You will have a slightly better place to sleep. It makes a massive difference to the sleeping experience and the look of the tent as well. Also, keep a basket to keep the shoes used outside. You do not want to make the only one living area dirty.



Make the Place not so Scary for the Children:



When children are going camping with you, they will be excited, but one thing will bother them. That is a ghost. They are going to be afraid of camping for this. To make the place brighter, fill your water bottle with water and wrap your headlamp around it. Make sure to use a clear or white bottle for this. You can also use solar-powered twinkle lights. It will help vanish away from their fear. Also, use the eye mask for the whole family. The morning dawn will be bright, and you will not be able to sleep there. As you have a long day ahead of sleeping some more will help.


Keep everything organized:



When you go out camping, you need outfits for all the kids or members of the group. Keeping them organized is tough. You end up losing some outfits or cannot find out when needed. IKEA has hanging sorter that you can use to keep outfits organized. Kitchen essentials can be arranged there as well. Use the smaller organizer to keep kitchen stuff.


Cold Feet Problem:


When you go camping in winter, it is hard to cope up. It is fun in the daytime but nights are not the best to enjoy. Cold feet is such a problem that it will not let you sleep. You have a whole day of enjoyment but not sleeping enough will drain your energy fast. To solve it fill a water bottle with hot water. Do not keep boiling water or you may burn yourself. Keep it in your sleeping bag beside your feet. You will feel the warmth and sleep better.


Deflect The Sunlight:



The sun is unbearably hot when it is midday. Tents tend to hit up by the heat. It makes the place unfit for taking rest after a lot of activities. For avoiding such situation, cover your tent with an emergency blanket. This will reflect the sunlight and protect the tent from overheating. Blanket also provides shade to the tent making it colder. Try to make the tent in a shady area where the sun is not too much. If this is done, you can make sure the heat is lesser than usual.


Use Sleeping Pads if You are Hiking:


Hiking is way more adventurous than anything else.  If you are hiking and camping at the same time, then an air mattress is not a wise option. Sleeping pads are a good choice, but they are too expensive. You could easily do it yourself. As kids are not going to be there with you, there is nothing to be worried about comfort. Make a sleeping pad by yourself and save your money for traveling.


Put Solar Lamps Outside The Tent:



There is deep darkness wherever you go camping. It is wise if you take some solar lights and keep it outside the tent. It will help you and kids to go to the bathroom area. Finding the tent back will be a lot easy. Or you will not see the tent quickly and keep stumbling here and there.


Try Air Mattress on a Fold-up Frame:


How to Make Tent Camping Comfortable


To make your camping experience best we have the best tips. This trick is that do not sleep on the ground with the air mattress only. Use a fold-up frame and then put the air mattress there. The hardened soil is not a problem anymore. The comforters and blankets instead of sleeping bags will make the trip comfortable. You will feel that you have spent the best night camping after trying this trick.




It was all about the tips on how to make tent camping comfortable. You will see that your camping experience feels more comfortable after you try all these tips. Your kids will enjoy more as they do not have to think about anything that unsettles them anymore. There are a lot of things you can explore and find out for yourself. So do not keep yourself confined thinking about the comfort. Go camping then you will be able to discover things by yourself. Keep feeding the mind with traveling to be more productive. Happy Camping.


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