How to Wash a Tent : The Best Easy Way You Should Know – 2020

Whether you’re a serious camper or an occasional one, your tent bound to end up with a dirty tent. Your tents will get dirty with different and horrible kind of grime, mud, and plant. Especially if you are camping in rainy or snowy weather. You cannot wash your tent into a washing machine as it’s not the best way to wash your tent either. So if you are in need of finding out How to Wash a Tent you are in the right place. But let me explain why you cannot wash your tent with a washing machine at first. Then I will elaborate the necessary instructions on how to wash a tent.


Can you wash a tent with a washing machine?


how to wash a tent


Tents are usually solid and made to withstand water, heat, dirt, and debris. they are not strong enough for washing inside a steel container washing machine. The washing machine has insufficient space. Cycling a tent through such tiny area would crush the tent. The following layers have the most possibility to get damaged, the seam, and the mesh. These are the layers that pretty much make up your precious tent so pick your options wisely.


Importance of knowing how to wash a tent


how to wash a tent with washing machine


Do you like to do things by yourself or DYI? Then you are certainly going to like that washing your tent is pretty much coming down to doing it by hand. You are not going to need many things except cold water and a wash that is specifically made for a tent. Various experts recommend the Nikwax tech wash. This is one more of eco-friendly green technology so it won’t harm the tent that much. As tents have so many coating and layers it is necessary to use a tent specific wash like nikewax tech washer otherwise different types of chemicals will most probably cause damage to your tent. So if you to wash your tent here is how you should be cleaning your tents.


Check the weather condition before you start



Washing the tent calls for a lot of water. And you will need to spend some time to dry the tent canvas. If the tent is waterproof, it’ll take a few days more.

Inspect your regional weather forecast and also try to choose a warm day to wash the tent. If rainfall on the radar, you could still check your camping tent damages with to repair them a string and also needle, but you need to wait for a rainy day to wash it with soap.


Gather the necessary things


It does not require a lot of expensive chemicals, although some suppliers make specialized tent-cleaning sprays for more resistant strains or patches. For the most of the times, you could easily clean an outdoor tent with a bucket, sponge, a hose and some moderately strong soaps or detergents. You don’t need to use bleach or some other, other extreme chemicals unless you have got some severe mold and mildew shade in your tent canvas.


Cleaning and washing the tent



So you have gathered all the materials and checked on the weather. So pick up a sunny day after you get back from a backpacking trip or if you are preparing to go solo on the mountains and start cleaning.


  • Put the tent on the ground fully spread so that you can quickly wash it with a hose. You can use a large bathtub as well if you happen to have one
  • Don’t be surprised if you find any debris like needles, wrappers, and hair stuck to it.
  • To clean the inner and outer body of the tent, use a sponge and soap. A softer brush is preferred to scrub off the harsher strains as harder brushes can damage the tent fabric.
  • Musty smells are an indication of mildew. Use an enzyme cleaner that will contain the growth right away and eliminate any strange odor.
  • Wash the zippers and poles with a damp cloth.
  • If you want To see your tent sparklingly clean, turn on the hose to  give it a thorough washing until all the soap is washed away


After all, the washing is done, and you have learned how to wash a tent correctly, now it’s time to leave the tent in the shaded floor for drying. It shouldn’t take more than 3-4 days. You need to make sure the tent is 100%. Otherwise, if you pack it without drying it thoroughly, the chance of getting some funny smell from the tent is much higher. So check it properly before you pack it.



This guide is written to give you the proper instructions on how to wash a tent. Most of the other articles are written does not include all sides and give you a partial point of view. We hope as you have learned how to wash your tent correctly, now you can stack it to your apartment without having any funny smell.


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