How to Waterproof a Tent : Read Before Make Camping – 2020

Traveling is food for the soul. Many of us feel claustrophobic if they have to stick in the same place without taking a holiday. When the hustle and bustle of cities make us feel like giving up on life, turn to travel. If you are that kind of person but cannot go out to camp for a waterproof tent due to the treacherous nature, then do not worry. With some easy and simple ingredients, you will be able to make your tent fully waterproof. So let’s get started on how to waterproof a tent.


Before the start, here is the article for what to bring make camping in a tent.


Here is The Quick Checklist for How to Waterproof a Tent


how to waterproof a tent


Why Do You Need to Waterproof The Tent?



It is crucial to make sure that the tent is adequately dried up and waterproofed before you put it away for a long break. How to Waterproof a tent is necessary to make sure before you go camping another time that the fungus or mildew don’t ruin it from growing. Because often we forget to pack the tent loosely and stash the wet tent without even spreading it properly so it can dry off any dampness.


Start On a Shiny Day:



The works you are going to put in the tent will not be much comfortable on a humid day. Do not work on the tent if it is raining. Because you will be doing painting and all and it needs a sunny day. You do not want to mess around with the tent in a small place. Spray paint will be used here so windy days are not perfect either.


Clean you’re Tent of Dirt:



Clean your tent well. A wet cloth will work fine to wash away mud or dirt. If your tent has dirt in it, you will not be able to waterproof appropriately. As the chemicals you will use will not work into the fabric. Then it will not work well to waterproof your tent. Do not forget to dry the tent after you wash it. If you want it to be quick, then vacuum it. Make sure the tent is completely dry before you start.


Take The Tent in an Open and Ventilated Place:



You may want to work on the tent at your garage. It’s better to take the tent in an open spot. Let the tent be completely dry before you start the work. Wear a protective glass and gloves. Sensitive skin family people should not make the mistake of not wearing all these. The chemical seamer has a strong odor. These chemicals can harm your skin.


Buy a Waterproof Sealant and Spray:



You can get this from an outdoor or camping supply store. It is the most important thing you are going to need for this work. Make sure you buy the UV protection one if you prefer camping on a sunny day. It will stop the fabric fade after some time. Canvas or nylons will be best for waterproof sprays.


Apply The Waterproof Spray:


Hold your waterproof spray 15 to 20 centimeter away from the tent. Apply the thin and light coat on the tent. Cover the tent entirely with the spray. Try to overlap on each side so that you do not miss a single part of it. Spray on the entire outer line of the tent. If your tent has small holes apply a thick coat on top of it. Be sure to protect yourself from the chemical.


Make Sure to Use The Second Coat:


how to waterproof a tent


After applying the first coat let the tent dry out completely. Do not be in a hurry. After you see that the first coat is dry then starts applying the second coat evenly. Wind is not the best place for drying the tent. Choose a dry place to dry the tent. How much time the paint will take to dry is written on the can of the bottle. It normally takes 4 to 6 hours. After waiting for that specific time apply the second coat. Apply the second coat carefully again not missing any spot.


Apply Seam Sealant to Seal The Seams:


On the rain, tents tend to leak by the sides of seams or zippers. You can buy a seam sealant that comes with an applicator. Apply it in the same direction everywhere there is a seam or zippers. Pay much attention while doing so. Because most of the time we get a hole in zipper or seams. If you do this you are making sure that not a single drop of water can come in your tent. Wait for a certain amount of time to dry out the seam sealant. After it dries out pack it in a safe place. Now you are ready to party.


Go for Camping Now:


After all these hard work, give your soul a treat. Pack your belongings and start for the camping. Now you can go tracking, camping anything with this tent. Do not worry if it rains as you have a waterproof tent with you now. A peaceful and dry sleep is guaranteed with this tent right now. If you are still skeptical about the ability of the tent then try it out before going out. Arrange a backyard party and pour water on it to see if it leak. If you have a tarp with your tent then put it under and over your tent. This will give additional strength to working against the rain.




This was a very easy and step by step guide on how to waterproof a tent. Just follow this If you think it needed do a touch up before the road trips on monsoon or any of season u may think of. But try to do it way some day ahead of your camping day. Once the day of camping comes nearby, you will not feel like doing it as you will have a lot of other things to do. participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which is an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for websites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to