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Camping is a way of life. It can positively post our bonding with family and friends. Setting up the camp outdoor provides us ample opportunity to explore the nature. Which we don’t often get in the urban lifestyle. Modern life has blessed us with so many technologies and comfort but taken away one fundamental necessity of life. We are so engrossed in our work, we didn’t have to reflect our inner state. Like the body, the mind also has its priorities. Staying away from the stress in one of them. This is why recreational camping has been so popular with our fellow Americans. The number of people going for camping is estimated to be 40.5 million, annually. let’s check what is an instant tent made of.

what is an Instant Tent

what is an Instant Tent! you want to know

Finding the perfect kind of tents is daunting enough. There is dome tent, tunnel tent, hope tents, and the instant tents. These are the most popular kind of tents available right now.  Instant tents are a more recent addition to the backpackers and camping community. But it has reached the peak of popularity pretty fast. Because the instant tent is a backpackers dream came true. Today I will talk about what is an instant tent and what makes it so popular. And why should you need it?

What is made an Instant Tent?

Don’t you hate when you have to set up the tent and it takes an hour? The people who are starting out in camping the idea of setting up a tent this can be very annoying. They wish there was a magical tent which will pop up instantly. This was long fantasized by both the first time campers and the backpackers.
The instant tents are the embodiment of this idea. It provides a hassle-free way of setting up the camp and enjoys the fantastic wilderness around the campsite. You can literally pop it up at any time or any place and set up the camp for your family or the squads. Take it down and pack it up when leaving.


Doesn’t it sound like a dream has come true? Yes, it is. You don’t have to struggle around the pole and the tents with your partner. You can actually set back and enjoy the stress-free environment. Instant tents enable anyone to carry around set it up whether they have any previous experience or not.


Types of Instant Tents

Instant tents are an improved version of instant canopies which were made with much cheaper materials because it was disposable. But the materials have been replaced with better materials and improved design to provide a better shelter for people who wanted a quick alternative. Because setting up a tent for camping can be a really tedious process and type what is an Instant Tent.

There are 3 kinds of instant tents available. Each has their own perks of using. Those different types of instant tents are made for meeting needs of different types of people depending on their requirements.

  • Cabin Tents

These tents are made for squeezing more people inside one tent. If you are planning a family reunion, carrying different tents for each group can be really irritating. This is why cabin tents are bigger and better. For people who like to share the camping experience together with a big family, these are the way to go. These types of tent lets you experience the wildness of nature with comfort.

  • Dome Tents

Dome tents are the favorite tents for the backpackers for a long time. Because these tents are really fast to set up. Taking it down when necessary isn’t really an issue either. Its design is unique because two poles are crossed over one another to provide support in stormy weathers and withstand extreme winds.

  • Backpacking Tents

This kind of tents is a lightweight version of the instant tents. The weight is very minimal and it is made for portability. As their name suggests, they are made for taking less space among the other backpacking gears. They are made of thin material fabrics which is very thin but durable enough to withstand any weather.

Features and Advantages of Instant Tent

  • Seasonality

The instant tent is made for withstanding extreme outdoors weather during spring, fall, and summer. These tents are usually lightweight so they are well equipped to withstand mild to extreme rain and the thunderstorms with additional protection from rainfly. but they 3-season tents are not durable enough to provide shelter during the heavy snowfall or violent storm. Seasonality also important for what is an Instant Tent!

  • Peak height

The peak height depends on the style of the instant tents. The cabin tents usually come with the highest peak height. Its walls are almost vertical and height takes the leaving space to the maximum. The doom styles tents, on the other hand, have a tall peak height but its sides are more slopes down. So while it makes it very durable on a stormy night but the living space is more reduced.

  • Can One person stand/installation inside properly?

A person can stand up easily within the tent for changing the clothes or just move around. The peak height is enough for a stand without keeping the head lowered. They are very well designed to provide you necessary height to stand. Nobody wants to stand up straight and then get a bump on the head. The bars have enough height to prevent this.

Doesn’t it sound like a dream has come true? Yes, it is. You don’t have to struggle around the pole and the tents with your partner. You don’t need another person’s help to install the tent. The pre-arranged pole bar makes it very easy for a person to install. It takes only one person.

Advantages of Instant Tent

There are very simple yet effective techniques used in the technology of instant tents. They come with a pre-attached bar. This bar helps to instantly set up the tent. They are very well designed to provide you necessary height to stand. Nobody wants to stand up straight and then get a bump on the head. The bars have enough height to prevent this.

Ventilation and lights can be an issue, especially if you are someone who has suffered from claustrophobia. The tiny space inside the tent can be really a nightmare experience for you if there is not enough light and air not incoming. Most of the instant tents come with the mesh window to provide necessary ventilation and bring out more sunlight. It also provides security for the insects that are flying all around.

The tents are made with fabrics from nylons, cotton, polyesters etc. They are very durable and made for withstanding really tough situations outdoor like heavy raining and thunderstorms. More to that, most instant tents come with rainfly to give you another layer of protection.

Is instant tent expensive or how?

It really depends on your preferences and needs. There is a different price for 2-person or an 8-person instant tent. Before you take a decision, think about how many of you are going to stay inside a tent. The 2-person tents are usually lower priced.


If you are not sure about whether you need the instant tent, just think about the comfort it will be able to provide. You will be able to set up the tent within seconds after a long walk. The instant tent isn’t just easy to use, they are durable as well. What is an Instant Tent! hopefully, you know that’s.

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